Weekly Snapshot, Nov 8th, 2020

Net Worth Change: $118

My saving grace this week is due mostly to the fact that my investment account rose as much as it did this week. Of course I cannot expect that I will be bailed out every week like this, in fact even in good expense weeks my investment account could actually drag me down if it’s a bad week for the market.

Savings Change: $-119

The first week of the month is always the hardest. The mortgage comes out one the first and on the second the car payment comes out. This is why it is a huge priority to get the car paid off as quickly as possible, if I had the car paid off I would have been positive for $92. Nothing to write home about, but as my most expensive week that would set a wonderful pace for the rest of the month.

Investments Change: $5,888 -> +$237 (4.2%)

After the last couple of weeks being really bad for my account (I believe I was down over $300 last week) I have now returned to almost break even.

From this week last year my account has had a total gain of $292, roughly half being market gains (stock prices going up) at $171, with the other, smaller half being the earned dividends of $121.

Income: $1,464.06

  • Paychecks (w/Overtime) $1299.79
  • FiancĂ© Part-Time $155.21
  • Dividends $9.06

The Wife-To-Be and I had to work overtime last week, thus our paychecks were a little inflated vs normal, to the tune of nearly $120 per person, but more interestingly is that in just the first week of November I earned $9 in dividends. If I compare that to the last year of earned dividends it ends up being 7.4% of my total dividend income from the last year!

Another, more applicable and interesting way to compare my dividends is that they bought me a game on Steam ($2) or covered the average cost of one of my 3 gas station visits last week. Again, not a huge amount but this number will only keep going up as I keep investing.

Expenses: $1583

  • Mortgage $682
  • Car Payment $211
  • Co-Signed Loan Payment $126
  • Gas Station(x3) $27
  • Eating Out $22
  • Grocery Store $93
  • Starlink(?) $76
  • Amazon (Gifts) $64
  • Pandora $5
  • Steam $2
  • Wal-Mart(x2) $208
  • Financial Tracking Program $47

First thing to notice in this list is that my mortgage and car payment together account for over half of my total expenses for the week (56.4%) If I eliminated the car payment (and adjusted the total expenses to reflect that change) then the mortgage would be just under half of the total expenses this week at 49.7%

Co-Signed Loan: $126
Another item of interest is the Co-Signed Loan Payment. My high-school friend went off to join the Army last month and in order to build some credit he went and tried to get a personal loan. His credit was so shot that even with his truck as collateral they still needed me to co-sign. Well, guess there was some sort of issue with setting up the auto-payment which means that while he is stuck in limbo, I have to cover his loan payment (since my name is attached) and I’ll just have to shake him down when he gets back. Luckily I know it’s not a matter of IF he can make the payment, but just a matter of covering it until he can get access to his bank to fix the issue.

Gas Stations: $27
I commited my cardinal sin 3x this week, one time was the weekly ‘Donut Day’ for finishing another hard week of work. The other two were energy drinks and snacks. Considering how much I harp on the sins of gas station shopping three times is unacceptable. Two times at most (not including getting gas) should be the limit, this allows for the much revered Donut Day, but it also grants an allowance of one emergency purchase during the three to four days we work.

Walmart + Grocery Store: $301
Typically my Food expenses don’t tally this much in a month, let alone in one week. However, the reason they were this high is due to the huge quantity of spices, herbs, oil, etc as well as a few expensive cuts of meat. I wanted to celebrate the start of my website, plus a few other smaller things like having the foresight to save enough to cover the cost of the furnace last week (not to mention getting a working furnace after several months) So between the steak, chicken and pork, plus the ingredients to marinate them, and a couple of drinks, I ended blowing any concept of a food budget for the month out of the water. A typical week for groceries looks something like $50-90.

Eating Out: $22
We did go out to eat once during our time off, usually we only go out when we have a coupon, and we did have one this time, but we forgot it at home. Figured that the $2-3 wasn’t worth the drive back home, plus I put the shake I got in the freezer and forgot about it for 2 days. What a delightful surprise!

Financial Tracking Program: $47
I ended up subscribing to an annual cost personal finance tracker primarily for the purposes of this weekly post. This program can read both my banks, all the accounts within, plus my loans, keeps track of my investments as well as showing my net worth. This saves me from having to open 4+ tabs and constantly flip through them all while trying to figure where all my money ran off to. Much more of a convenience thing than anything else.

Amazon: $64
The last week of October contains two birthdays and an anniversary that we bought gifts for. In a twist of fate that seems unreal, the two birthdays are also both of the people in the anniversary. So makes it pretty easy to do an all-in-one gift.

Starlink: $76
Wish I knew what this was, but at the time of this writing I have no idea. I tried to look it up on google but it just shows up as Elon Musk satellite internet. Which, I fully admit I am down for, but that being said I do not get my internet from the guy who put a car in space.

Pandora and Steam: $7
Monthly subscription to the music streaming service, which I use while at work, doing research or working on the website. For the price, I certainly get my worth out of it.
Steam I bought an old game from my childhood. When I say old, I mean like 90’s era computer game old. Cheaper than an energy drink and I’ll get a dozen hours or more out of it, easily worth the cost.

While the savings reflect a net loss for the week, I will more than make up for the fact the remainder of the month by not having expenses that reach anywhere near the astronomical levels the first week of every month come up to.

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