My Mission:

To Directly Influence Global Poverty Downward by 1%


It is my mission in life to do whatever I can to individually decrease global poverty by 1% through the creation of programs that teach low-income families and individuals how to better prepare themselves for lifes hardships by saving, and to help low-income individuals plan for their retirement. I fear my own parents will work until the lunch break of their own funerals, without ever being able to enjoy themselves. Thinking about the number of people that are marching towards their sundown years without anything to show for it hurts my heart, so I will do whatever I can to inform and influence those of the working class towards a richer future.

I write blogs about saving money, hidden costs the poor have to pay as well as investing for their future. It is my dream to someday see every person who desires self-sufficiency to hold that dream within their hands.